What's so COOL about our MontiiCo lunchbags??!

Montiico lunch bags

At Cool 4 School we love MontiiCo insulated lunch bags! We thought me might show you what makes them so cool !!

montiico bag range


Made from durable fabrics in the coolest prints! These bags are made to last! 

The lining is made of quality aluminium with thick insulation to keep your food super cool!

The interior is super easy to wipe clean but the best thing is that is the exterior gets a bit grubby, it is machine washable!!

MontiiCo's certified food safe ice brick will leave you amazed when it comes home still cold on the hottest Summer days!

 montiico ice pack  montiico ice pack

The ice pack is kept in its own fabric bag and is stored inside it's zipped pocket so it doesn't take up any space in your lunchbag- more room for your lunchbox and food!

Wondering which lunchboxes will fit in your MontiiCo lunchbag?

Bento lunch boxes are a fantastic way to pack awesome lunches that are waste free... but it can be hard to find a lunch bag that is the perfect fit! Here are some photos that will show you what lunchbox combintations will fit in our Montii bags!

 go green  little lunch box co  yumbox  yumbox tapas  love mae  omnie box  planetbox stainless steel bento  munchbox maxi 6  go green snack size  rainebeau

The Coolest designs and custom prints!

The Shark Lunchbag

 The brand new favourite with the little boys! 


The Dinosaur Lunchbag

For all those little dinosaur fans,this one is the perfect choice

 montiico dinosaur  dinosaur montiico bag

The Princess Lunchbag

Just perfect for your little princess 
princess montiico  montiico princess

The Superhero Lunchbag

Calling all superheros!! It's Lunchtime!
montiico superhero  batman montiico

The Mermaid Lunchbag

For the little girls who dream that they could become a mermaid
mermaid montiico  

The Llama Bag

No drama Llama! Llamas are the cutest!

The Galaxy Bag

Loved by kids and parents alike, the galaxy bag is a simply beautiful bag!
galaxy montiico  

The Street Bag

This one is the new fav for the older boys
street montiico  street

The Floral Bag

Gorgeous flowers in burgundy and blue - so pretty and feminine
flora montiico bag  floral montiico

With so many amazing designs, MontiiCo have the perfect bag for everyone! With prints both the kiddos and parents will fall in love with!

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