Little Lunch Box Co - Bento 3 vs Bento 5

If you are loving the great designs of the Little Lunch Box Co Bento boxes but can't make up your mind on which one would work best for your child (or yourself) here's the run down on how they compare.

The Little Lunch Box Co actually makes their great leak proof Bentos in three sizes, so there is definitely a lunch box made just for your needs. 


The Bento 2 is the smallest of the range, and is most suitable for snacks on the go. It's capacity is 500ml so perfect for toddler snacks or a school fruit break or morning tea. My youngest has just stared pre-school and they need him to pack his morning tea separately to the his lunch, and I have found the Bento 2 perfect for this. It has removable silicone divider which allows for even more variety when packing. It's just the right size for a few cheese and crackers, and some fruit.

If you are looking for a suitable bento box for a smaller child's lunch, the Bento 3 is a perfect match. At 1L capacity it is ideal for a sandwich or roll - no cutting necessary to fit it in! And still plenty of room for a few treats or fruit as well. The Little Lunch Box Co also make a great range of silicone bento cups that can be added to the large compartment of the Bento 3 to give you more flexibility. I like to have some fun with the Lunch Punch range with the Bento 3 to make a superhero themed lunch!


Do you have a fussy eater or a little one that likes to pick at their lunch? The Bento 5 would be ideal when they won't eat a sandwich. It has five fixed compartments and an overall capacity of 980ml so would fit a substantial lunch with loads of variety. You can fit a sandwich in here, but only if its cut into smaller bite size pieces. 

These great bento boxes also work really well together as a set. You can team up the Bento 2 for little lunch with either the Bento 3 or Bento 5 and they will fit snug into our range of Montii lunch bags


One of the best things about entire Little Lunch Box Co range is that that they are all made in one piece - which means they are easy to clean and you are less likely to lose parts! They are designed to be leak proof for thick wet foods like hummus or Greek yogurt. 

Most importantly all the Bento boxes have a range of great designs that kids love - from flamingos to superheros and a bit of glitter - there is something in the range no matter your appetite or personality.  


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