Our Stress, Mess and Fuss free system for storing school memories

Storing all those beautiful crafts, school reports, certificates, school photos and other special things from school may have you buried in a pile of papers !

But don't fear! We have crafted a system that will have you all sorted and will have you never wondering if you should keep something - and where you should keep it again! Plus you will always know where to find things should you need them again.

Let's start with kid's artwork

Some kids will bring home artwork everyday! While others only once in a while.

Of course it would be wonderful to keep every single piece but realistically you only need to keep a few pieces that are special and speak to you about your child in that particular time of their little life!

So what do I do day to day when that artwork comes home? If i think it is a great one i will just pop it in my little filing draw cabinet. I have one draw for each child so we know who's is who. Depending on how full the draw gets this can be emptied each term or once a year.

But where do i empty it to i hear you ask?!!

I'm happy you asked! This is where my file box comes into play!

home organisation storage tray for kids artwork


The file box

I just grabbed these plastic file tubs from Officeworks and also purchased the dividers too. We have one section for each year starting from my kid's first year at preschool - but you could start whenever suits you best!

So i was saying that when your filing draw gets full you should empty it! So what we do is go through the artwork with the child and choose the pieces that they would like to keep forever and file that for the year. Depending on the child, this might not be suitable especially if they tend to like to hoard things! So you may be better to do this while they are not looking!!

So is the file box just for art??

No way!! That is the beauty of this system! you can keep anything you like from that year in the section of the file. 

What we keep in our files..

  • School photos
  • Sport photos
  • Certificates
  • School Reports
  • Medals and Ribbons
  • Birthday invitation and Birthday Cards
  • Any other special bits and pieces from that year!

  school memories storage box

school storage box school art storage ideas school artwork storage solution

Make it memorable

Our kids love adding special things to their boxes and we make them even more special by encouraging them to design a cover picture for each divider and also glue on their school photo from that year


School Days Books

Our gorgeous School Days books by Rhi Creative are made in Australia and are the perfect way to save written memories and photos to create a very special journal of your child's school life. Think of it like a baby book - but for big kids! It's actually perfect if you have been feeling guilty about never doing a baby book for your child!

These books ask questions without needing too much detail and can easily be backdated if need be!

We love to pop in...

  • Photos of special events each year like their first day, swimming carnivals, book week and grandparent's day.
  • Special Certificates and Ribbons
  • Birthday party invitation
  • Photo of the birthday kiddo with their cake
  • Small school class photo
  • Special stickers
  • Anything else little and special to make it 

 It doesn't need to be elaborate or complicated! Just a few things and some handwritten notes will make this book one that will be treasured forever!

rhi creative school days book rhi creative school days memory book

We hope that we have been able to help you sort out your pile of school stuff! I know i used to worry about loosing these special things a lot and it's a relief to have it all #organised 



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